Talk Community – Covid19 response

Herefordshire County Council has sent every household in Herefordshire (88k) a letter focussed on the most vulnerable people and the support they will need outside their existing network, as part of its Talk Community Covid19 Response.

The areas of support  are:

  • Shopping
  • Urgent supplies
  • Picking up meds (DBS check needed)
  • Pet walking
  • Calling vulnerable people during this difficult time

For local help in Bishopstone, call two people living in the village – Anne Moore on 590616/07729 933039 and Sarah Keefe on 590352 (leave a message if no reply).

People needing support can also call the dedicated Talk Community telephone number on 01432 260027 and email address

Amy Pitt, Assistant Director for the Talk Community Programme, has been coordinating the development of a dedicated telephone line for vulnerable people and volunteers to contact us and we will then link them back into the community organisations. There have already been some fantastic community responses happening and the council can support the infrastructure through this response and provide community resilience.

Many of the wards and parishes have provided us with information of the community work being undertaken however there are some areas where we have little information. Please do forward to Amy and the TC team any community information to this email address


2 thoughts on “Talk Community – Covid19 response”

  1. Hi,
    I have just received the letter from Herefordshire Council Re: Support Coordination.

    Both my Wife and I are 78 and are Self Isolation as requested by the Government for 14 weeks.

    We live in a Rural area and have no immediate family to assist us.

    My main concern is regarding longer term food supply. I have not shopped for over 8 days. However we do have food stock available, including some frozen food. In addition we are very fortunate to have a Milkman supplying Milk, papers and some food supplies.

    We will be fine for several weeks, but without access for fruit and veg.

    My wife is in remission for bowel cancer, and has also severely damaged her shoulder. I am her full time carer.

    On that basis I am reluctant to risk going out seeking food.

    My question is:

    Will there be an Official help available to us in terms of getting food/general shopping? Can you put is in touch with any groups who may be able to assist us?

    Look forward to your reply.

    With kind regards,

    Clive Meadows
    Elm Cottage
    How Caple
    Herefordshire. HR1 4RP
    Tel: 01989 740628

    • Dear Clive,

      Thanks for getting in touch. For couples in the at risk group who need support can I recommend you contact or call them on 01432 260027. I am from Bishopstone Group Parish Council and How Caple is not in our parish, Linda Yapp is the Clerk of your local parish council in How Caple. Tel: 01989 740240

      The Bungalow
      How Caple,
      HR1 4TE

      I wish you well and you keep safe in these difficult times.
      Best wishes,
      Sarah Keefe


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