Stop that thief!

Burglary of sheds and outbuilding is still one of the main concerns amongst the rural community. Although the incidents remain low, it is still a major worry by people living in remote locations.

West Mercia’s priority is to keep you and your property safe from harm and theft, we are therefore providing advice on how the community can help themselves from becoming victims of crime. West Mercia Police have recently introduced a scheme called “Stop That Thief” aimed at helping businesses and farms from becoming victims of crime.

Working in partnership with the National Farmers Union (NFU) through the local Safer Neighbourhood teams can add another layer of security to your home, farm or other business where vulnerabilities are identified during a series of specific assessments. These start with a visit from your local officer and if appropriate a referral to Stop That Thief! specialist who will carry out a survey to look at ways to help protect your property. This will be fully discussed with you to make sure it fulfils your requirements.

The security measures are installed by a trained technician working on behalf of the NFU, for a trial period of up to three weeks. This compliments the advice provided during a visit by your local officer on crime reduction measures including security marking and property listing. All visits and advice are offered free and without obligation. Costs for the fitting of any equipment, if agreed, will be made clear during the specialist survey.

Read the security tips and who to contact for more information here.

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