Review of boundary changes affecting properties in Sugwas Pool enters second phase


Second phase of consultation for the Bishopstone Community Governance review is now underway (11 May – 22 June).

community governance review considers arrangements for parish councils such as creating, merging, altering or abolishing parish councils, changing a parish council’s boundary or the naming of parish councils and their electoral arrangements.

From 13 February to the 6 April, Herefordshire Council conducted a parish wide consultation with the community of Bishopstone group parish in connection with their community governance review.  The community governance review for Bishopstone Group Parish Council considers the potential movement of an electoral boundary.  Following the first round of consultation the balance of evidence indicates that there are sufficient grounds to formally propose that the boundary anomaly affecting a small number of properties on the north side of the A438 at Sugwas Pool, Swainshill, and Sugwas parish is progressed. This will necessitate a minor ward boundary change between Stoney Street and Credenhill wards.

You can access and respond to the second phase consultation by going to:

The second phase consultation closes on 22 June

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