Minutes Annual Meeting 14th May 2015

Present: Councillor John Macklin, Councillor Sue Hubbard, Councillor Rosemary Morgan, Councillor Cathy Draper, Councillor Penny Redshaw, Councillor Muriel Holmes, Councillor Serena Crump and clerk R Plant.

Two members of the public were present.
All Councillors signed declarations of acceptance of office.

1. Election of Chairman – Councillor John Macklin was proposed by Councillor Hubbard, seconded by Councillor Muriel Holmes. All Councillors were in agreement. RESOLVED

2. Election of Vice Chairman – Councillor John Mackllin proposed Councillor Sue Hubbard, seconded by Councillor Penny Redshaw. RESOLVED

3. Footpaths Officers: – Byford & Mansell Gamage Councillor Sue Hubbard
Bishopstone Councillor John Macklin
Councillor Rosemary Morgan
Kenchester Councillor Neil Newton RESOLVED

4. Apologies: Councillor Neil Newton.

5. No declarations of interest were received. RESOLVED

6. To adopt existing Standing Orders, Financial Regulations – a change to these to increase the amount of money paid on one cheque to £500, Inventory of Assets, Freedom of Information Publication Scheme and signed Codes of Conduct – to include the amendment – For absolute clarity, HALC recommends that each member parish/town council adopts and minutes one amendment to the section on Disclosable Pencuniary Interests – page 12 item 6, sixth line. NB The attached Code of Conduct includes that one amendment i.e …… that you ‘leave the room and’ (a) do not participate …….. All Councillors were in agreement to this. RESOLVED

7. Lengthsman – all Councillors were in agreement to sign the contract with Herefordshire Council and the document was signed. RESOLVED

8. Finance

8.1 To consider payment of clerks salary
8.2 To consider payment of clerks expenses
8.3 To consider paying insurance premium of £397.33 + vat £23.84 = £421.17
8.4 To consider payment to lengthsman £220.00 + vat £44.00 = £264.00
8.5 To consider HALC subscription £282.79 + vat £56.56 = £339.35
8.6 Receipts – precept £2750. All Councillors were in agreement to pay all invoices. RESOLVED
8.7 To consider audit figures. All Councillors were shown the figures including the alterations on page1, and agreed to accept these. RESOLVED

9. Comment received re: from the mail list regarding the Core Strategy – nothing as yet is clarified but it appears that housing has set a minimum target 18% which equates to 8- 9 houses for Byford.

10. Date of next meeting Thursday 9th July 2015