Minutes Annual Meeting 12th May 2016

Minutes of Annual Meeting Held on Thursday 12th May 2016

Present: Councillor John Macklin, Councillor Sue Hubbard, Councillor Penny
Redshaw, Councillor Neil Newton, Councillor Rosemary Morgan, Councillor Sharon Knights, Councillor Cathy Draper, Councillor Serena Crump

No member of the public was present

1. Election of Chairman – Councillor John Macklin was proposed by Councillor Penny Redshaw, seconded by Councillor Cathy Draper. All councillors were in agreement RESOLVED

2. Election of Vice Chairman – Councillor John Macklin proposed Councillor Sue Hubbard, seconded by Councillor Penny Redshaw. RESOLVED

3. Footpath Officers: Byford and Mansell Gamage – Councillor Sue Hubbard
Bishopstone Councillor John Macklin
Bridge Sollars Councillor Rosemary Morgan
Kenchester Councillor Neil Newton Liaison Parish Councillors for Lengthsman:
Bishopstone – Councillor Rosemary Morgan
Byford – Councillors Muriel Holmes and Sue Hubbard
Bridge Sollars – Councillor John Macklin
Kenchester – Councillors Serena Crump and Neil Newton
Mansell Gamage – Councillor Cathy Draper RESOLVED
NDP Steering Group: Councillors John Macklin, Sue Hubbard, Rosemary Morgan, Serena
Crump, Neil Newton, Penny Redshaw, Cathy Draper, Sharon Knights

4. Apologies for absence: Councillor Muriel Holmes

5. No declarations of interest were received: RESOLVED

6. Existing Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Inventory of Assets, Freedom of Information Publication Scheme and Code of Conduct were all adopted without any change RESOLVED

7. Lengthsman:

7.1 All councillors were in agreement with the signing of the contract with Herefordshire Council, and schedule of maintenance plan received RESOLVED

8. Finance

8.1 To consider clerk’s salary.
8.2 To consider clerk’s expenses £48.64
8.3 To consider paying annual insurance premium of £435.08
8.4 Lengthsman invoice – £1201.80 (paid retrospectively) to enable claiming refund
8.5 NBCC hall hire £28 (March meetings)
8.6 To consider paying NBCC £28 (meetings 12th & 19th May)
8.7 Receipts – precept £2750
8.8 Lengthsman refund to 31/03/16 – £1681.80
8.9 To consider paying audit fee £40
8.10 To consider payment to Hoople £110.40 (£92.00 +£18.40)
All councillors were in agreement to pay all invoices RESOLVED

9. To note Information Sheet RESOLVED

10. Planning approval – Gypsy caravan , Garnons planning application 160563, and Fishing Hut, planning application 160549. Approved by the planning authority RESOLVED

11. To consider approving internal audit figures for external audit. All councillors were shown the figures and the completed audit form and agreed to accept them in full RESOLVED

12. To approve the consultation draft for Neighbourhood Development Plan. All councillors were shown the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan including illustrations and plans and agreed that it should go forward to the planning authority for comment RESOLVED

13. To consider applications for the clerk’s post. All councillors were shown the two applications for the post that had been received. Agreed to offer both candidates an interview. RESOLVED

12. Date of next meeting 14th July 2015 RESOLVED