Minutes 14th September 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held on Thursday 14th September 2017
in The New Bridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars

PRESENT: Councillor John Macklin (Chairman), Councillor Sue Hubbard (Vice-chairman) Councillor Neil Newton; Cllr. Serena Crump: Cllr Rosemary Morgan; Cllr S Keefe; Cllr. Sharon Knights; Cllr Lesley Handscomb.

PRESENT: Mrs Lesley Hay (Parish Clerk) 3 members of the public; PCSO Alex Nuthall

1. Received apologies for absence from Cllr Muriel Holmes; Cllr Cathie Draper; Ward Councillor Steve Williams.

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations – None declared.

3. The Chairman welcome PCSO Alex Nuttall.
PCSO Nuttall reported that the police were aware of the low loader that is parked in the vicinity of Orchard Close and were in negotiation with the resident.

There were concerns raised with regard to the speed along the main road – and it was suggested the Parish Council contact Ian Connnelly who is Traffic Management Advisor – Safer Roads Team, with regard to doing a speed data check which may help support an application when applying for a speed restriction. There was discussion on the Speed Watch Programme where local residents are trained in the use of a speed gun and who then collect data for analysis. The offending motorist is sent a warning letter but there are no fines/points issued by this group.
Clerk to liaise with Ian Connolly and invite him along to give an update on the various speed management options residents can undertake including the Speed Management Scheme; Village Gateway Scheme etc.

The PCSO warned of an influx of cold callers – if residents feel threatened to ring 101. The PCSO also encouraged residents to frequently change their internet password and warned of the dangers posed by Facebook which holds a great deal of personal information and once on the internet it is almost impossible to remove.

PCSO gave out some very informative leaflets on responsible dog ownership and these will be displayed on the various notice boards and on the website. The Chairman thanked PCSO Nuttall for attending.

4. Apologies had been received from the Ward Councillor Steve Williams. A short report was read out by the Chairman which briefly indicated a possible planning application for the Flag Station; and the Police and Crime Commission is likely to apply to the Home Office to regarding the prosed Fire and Police services merger.

5. Chairman’s report:

The Chairman reported that he had met with the new Locality Steward, Paul Norris and they had visited the various sites where there are outstanding issues.

The Locality Steward confirmed that the placing of mirrors on the highway is under discussion and the erection of additional mirrors is being delayed at present.

The various blocked drains and gullies were again logged on to the Balfour Beatty system.

There had been a complaint regarding overgrown hedges in and around Kenchester. Cllr Crump confirmed that the hedges at Kenchester are always cut back in late September and would be again this year.

Fly tipping is an ongoing problem and the Locality Steward will try and find a replacement sign for the one disfigured by graffiti.

The Locality Steward will also try to locate a sign – “warning blind junction over summit” – for the Credenhill junction.

(5.1) Update on future lease on the Community Centre.
There was considerable discussion on how the community centre was originally formed and a ten-year lease drawn up in 2010. It was explained that the lease would run out in 2020 when, if the lease was no renewed, the community centre would revert back to the church. It was explained that the running costs amount to £5,000 per annum and these are covered by rent and fund raising by the committee.

It was agreed to defer until the next meeting. In the meantime, the Chairman will again raise the issue with the Newbridge Community Centre Committee and report back to the next meeting.

(5.2) Update on Community Governance Review (2015). It was agreed not to reduce the number of councillors despite there being numerous vacancies throughout all parishes. However, it was agreed to take part in the Governance Review with a view to moving the boundary so that the bungalows on the north side of the A438 at Sugwas Pool, Swainshill, with one cottage behind them, would move into Stretton Sugwas parish.

Clerk to liaise with Governance Review personnel.

(5.3) The Chairman reported that he had received a letter of resignation from Cllr. Penny Redshaw.

This news was received with regret and the Councillors present acknowledged all the hard work, time and effort Penny had given during her time as a Councillor and it was unanimously agreed that her wide knowledge and experience will be missed.

Vacancy Notices were given out to be placed on the various Notice Boards. It will be possible to co-opt at the next meeting to fil this vacancy, and any of the other vacancies that exist in the various parishes, should suitable applicants come forward.

(5.4) Open Session for local residents present at meeting and for matters raised between meetings.

The question of fly tipping was raised by a member of the public and it was explained that there is a Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty website where members of the public can report fly tipping direct.

Cllr Hubbard took the emails addresses of those present and will forward articles etc relating to fly tipping etc.

(5.5) With no other questions the Chairman closed the Open Session.

6. To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 20th July 2017. It was proposed and unanimously agreed that the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th July 2017 be adopted as a true record. The minutes were signed by the Chairman.

7. Highways report and Environmental Matters/Lengthsman
(7.1) Report from new Locality Steward – covered in the Chairman report.
(7.2) No lengthsman and P3 worksheet for Sept/October.
(7.3) Mirror – junction between Credenhill and Bishopstone – covered in the Chairman’s report

8. Finance: Up-to-date accounts sheet circulated.
(8.1) To approve payment of invoices – Schedule of Payments had been circulated. It was unanimously agreed to pay the outstanding invoices; cheques were raised and signed.

The question of an additional bank signatory was raised due to the resignation of Cllr Redshaw. Cllr Sharon Knights agreed to become the third signatory. It was also agreed that the Clerk would also become a signatory – in name only – as the NatWest Bank refuse to discuss matters to do with the Parish Council unless the person is a signatory. Clerk to get necessary forms.

(8.2) Norton – annual virus security payment – approved.
(8.3) Upgrade to fibreoptic broadband – approved
(8.4) Internal Audit – to take place in October.
(8.5) Information Corner – Election costs and Data protection costs discussed and will be taken into account when setting the Precept/Budget for 2018/19.

(8.6) Precept/Budget 2018/19. It was agreed that the Chairman, Cllr Hubbard and Clerk will meet prior to the next meeting to draft the Precept/Budget for 2018/19 and will bring recommendations to the November meeting for discussion; approval and adoption.

(8.7) Pension regulator – Clerk explained the staging date is the 1st January 2018 and that she had followed the required guidelines to date.

9. Update on Website
(9.1) The Website flyer had been delivered to all residents and a number have now subscribed. Councillors were asked to encourage residents to subscribe and it was generally agreed the website was well presented and informative.

Cllr Keefe was thanked for all her efforts in creating and managing the website.

10. Planning matters
(10.1) Neighbourhood Development Plan update: –

The Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement have now been completed and changes required as a result of comments made during Regulation 14 Consultation have been made apart from adding a clause about sewerage into Policy H1, Housing in Bishopstone. The final task remaining is to add details to maps to clarify points as requested by Karla Johnson, our Planning Support Officer, and to make sure that we have all the necessary photographs to illustrate issues raised in the Plan, particularly with regard to the Bishon Orchard housing.
Councillor Hubbard thanked all councillors for their support, especially Lesley Handscombe, John Macklin and Sarah Keefe, and also Paul Walker for writing the Basic Conditions Statement.

(10.2) The Old School House – App No: 172583 – site visit done –
no objections raised.

11. Correspondence:
11.1 Conservation invitation – discussed – no one wished to attend.
11.2 Seminar invitation – 28th September 2017 – Cllr Handscomb has reserved a place and will attend on behalf of the Parish Council.
11.3 AgeUK –– as is Parish Council policy – it was agreed not to send a donation.

12. Provisional date of next meeting – Thursday 9th November 2017

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55 p.m.



Cllr Hubbard gave apologies for next meeting.