Minutes 12th November 2015

MINUTES 0f meeting held on Thursday 12th November 2015 – 7.30 pm at the Newbridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars

Present: Councillor Macklin (Chairman), Councillor Hubbard (Vice Chairman), Councillor Draper, Councillor Holmes, Councillor Morgan, Ward Councillor Steve Williams and R Plant(clerk).

No local residents were present.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Redshaw and Councillor Crump.

2. No declarations of interest and written requests for dispensations were received. Resolved

3. The minutes of the last meetings 10/09/15 & 16/10/15 were approved and signed as a true record. Resolved

4. Open Session – To receive brief verbal reports/discussion/comments from:

4.1 Ward Councillor Steve Williams has received confirmation that all salt bins have been filled. Currently the area is very quiet. Councillors will check all salt bins. Resolved.
4.2 Councillor Morgan has offered to become a footpath office for Bridge Sollars. The clerk was asked to contact Balfour Beattie for 2 complete sets of current maps as some of the footpaths are not numbered on the current ones.
BY29 – Byford Common footpath – requires repairs to styles and clearance of paths.
BY31 – the style is dangerous, request a kissing gate. Clearance of the fingerpost is required (by the church at Byford). The boards across the stream need replacing. KT1 (Kenchester) requires a kissing gate. (Any materials from Balfour Beattie can be delivered to the Chairman’s house for the lengthsman to collect).
4.3 The Chairman has registered with Nest (the recommended government pension provider). The information is in the red folder. The Chairman has been approached by Sharon Knights, who would like to become a Councillor for Bridge Sollars. Councillors were in agreement with this. The clerk will speak to the election office and obtain co-option papers. Resolved
4.4 No local residents attended the meeting. Resolved

5. Planning

5.1 Planning: planning application 152735 – Craigmore, 7 Canon Rise, Bishopstone, HR4 7HY – to install a Calor Gas Tank – below ground, has been passed by the planning authority. Resolved
5.2 A policy for dealing with planning applications between council meetings was discussed. It was agreed that the clerk will continue to send planning applications to all Councillors. If any Councillor considers an application to be contentious then the clerk should be notified. The clerk will inform the Chairman who will arrange a site visit with other Councillors. A minimum of 3 Councillors and a maximum of 5 will attend the site meeting. Questions may be asked of the site owner but no discussion may take place between Councillors other than at a Council meeting. All comments from this site meeting should be sent to the clerk. If the Chairman or another Councillor considers an Extraordinary meeting should be called this should be sent to the clerk. All Councillors were in agreement with accepting this policy Resolved

6. Finance:

6.1 To consider payment to HALC for meeting notices £18.00 (inc £3.00 vat)
6.2 To consider payments to DC Gardening Services: September £192.00 (inc £32.00 vat). (paid retrospectively)
6.3 To consider clerks expenses £68.82
6.4 To consider payment to NBCC for room hire £7.00 (paid retrospectively)
6.5 To consider payment of 50% of HALC invoice- Crystal Clear Training £15 (inc £2.50 vat). (Yarkhill also paying 50% £15).
6.6 Clerk salary
Balance in current A/C to 08/010/15 £4401.48
Balance in reserve A/C to 30/09/15 £4454.76
All payments were agreed by all Councillors present. The bank statements were agreed. Resolved.

7. An email re: amount of sandbags required was received. The Chairman will inform the clerk if any sandbags are required. Resolved.

8. The Neighbourhood Plan update: On October 22nd members of the steering group had a very useful meeting with Karla Johnson, planning advisor. Karla had read throu gh the draft plan and went through it in detail, giving comments and advice, much of which will be incorporated in a new draft. To be completed November/ December. The draft will then be returned to Karla for the necessary SEA reports to be added. Karla advised that Kenchester should not have a settlement boundary as it is designated by the Core Strategy for only limited growth and having a boundary would be counter productive. Kenchester residents voted for the settlement boundary in the questionnaire consultation. Discussion followed and all Councillors were in agreement that Councillor Hubbard should send out flyers to Kenchester residents informing them that a boundary goes against the Core Strategy. Resolved

9. The Community Governance Review Proposal was discussed and Councillors were in agreement that they would like to consider reducing the amount of seats on the Parish Council. 1 for Bishopstone, 1 for Bridge Sollars and 1 for Byford, 3 in total. The clerk will send in this response to Anthony Bush, Herefordshire Council. Resolved

10. The proposed budget of £5,500 for 2016/2017 was agreed by all Councillors and accepted. The clerk will forward this to Herefordshire Council. Resolved

11. Grant Thornton will no longer carry out external audits from 2017, the recommendation is that 2 internal audits per year should be carried out from this year. The Chairman will contact the internal auditor to ask if he would be available to audit twice per year. Resolved.

12. Items for next agenda: Neighbourhood Plan and Newsletter. Resolved

13. Date of next meeting 14/01/16.