Draft minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
held on Thursday 12th September 2019
in The New Bridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars

PRESENT: Councillor John Macklin (Chairman), Cllr S Hubbard (Vice Chairman); Cllr Sharon Knights; Cllr Lesley Handscomb; Cllr L Goldwater; Cllr S. Crump; Cllr C Draper. Cllr N Newton

PRESENT: Mrs Lesley Hay (Parish Clerk) One member of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed those present to the September meeting.

1. Apologies for absence – Ward Cllr D Hitchiner; Cllr S Keefe; Cllr R Morgan

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations – none recorded.

3. To receive a report from the local Police Officer – no representative present.

4. Ward Councillor David Hitchiner’s emailed report was read out by the Chairman. Please see attached to end of these minutes

5. Chairman’s report:

The Chairman reported attending a meeting with the Locality Steward on 13th August together with Cllr M Holmes and Cllr C Draper. At that time the water was running down the U90012 road by Byford House. Cllr Holmes was able to inform the Locality Steward that the ditch on the side of the road had been piped. The Locality Steward suggested that we should ask the lengthsman to expose the head wall to see if the pipe is blocked – if so, Balfour Beatty will arrange to jet clean.

The group then moved on to Mansell Gamage B4230 to look at the water running on the road. The ditch on the other side of the hedge was blocked so the Locality Steward said he would write to the Estate Office with a request for them to arrange to clear the ditch.

There were no further inspections as the Locality Steward was called away to attend an emergency incident.

An email was received from the Locality Steward explaining that there was the chance of some scapings becoming available due to resurfacing of the A438 which he thought could be used to fill pot holes on Bishon Lane. After several phone calls and a site visit to residents – unfortunately, none would have the load tipped on their ground despite the fact that it would only be for 2 weeks until the lengthsman could arrange to level.

The verge cutting on Bishon Lane has been carried out.

A meeting on the 16th August with the lengthsman highlighted several points. Byford Common house owner tipping grass cutting on the common. Footpath BY29 fence posts broken causing fence to fall into the footpath. Residents need to replace the posts.

Regarding the Byford House leak it was discovered that large lumps of concrete and stones have been thrown into the ditch. The lengthsman could not find the head wall and thought it would probably need a digger. However, he was concerned when he dug down to see sewerage from a septic tank fill hole.

Grass cuttings tipped in Bishon Lane – owner refuses to stop because she says it’s her ground.

Blocked culvert Bishon Common – Clerk to report to Locality Steward.

Gate on the footpath/bridleway at Shetton (part of the Three Rivers Ride) does not need replacing – the lengthsman can repair and will fit a new horse/rider friendly gate opening latch.

6. The Chairman opened the Open Session
(6.1) A resident attended to underline her concerns with regard to the speeding on the A438. In particular by the old Nelson Pub and the houses along that side of the road. The drives to these houses are on a blind bend with vehicles approaching at speeds of 60 + mph. There is no room for manoeuvre and a serious accident is waiting to happen.

The Clerk reported that since the last meeting she had emailed Ray Wallace of the Balfour Beatty team and had received a reply which had been circulated. In the email Mr Wallace had promised to visit the site and report back – however, despite two prompting emails there had been no response.

After some discussion during which it was acknowledged that any form of speed reduction along that stretch of road may take up to years to establish – it was agreed to approach the Locality Steward and find out if the Parish Council could erect a sign either side of the village saying – BRIDGE SOLLARS – CONCEALED DRIVEWAYS. The Clerk will liaise with the Locality Steward and report back. The Gateway scheme was also discussed but it was agreed that the verges were too narrow to accommodate the gates and may cause more of a hazard.

The four residents are going to write letters expressing their serious concerns – these letters to come to the Clerk who will forward with a supporting letter from the Parish Council to the Ward Cllr D Hitchiner and to Balfour Beatty.

(6.2) Community Hub – report from Cllr Lesley Handscomb
We have had a meeting with Ewan Archibald and Lisa Bedford at the New Bridge Community centre where they explain how the hubs work and we explored the issues highlighted at the last Council meeting. Initiative has support of the Community Centre Committee.

Hub will be open at the weekly Wednesday Coffee Morning. Once a month it will be manned for advice/support. The other weeks the laptop and resources/leaflets will be available so if people walk in they can carry out their own individual research. (I attend the weekly coffee mornings most weeks so I would be available if necessary)

New Brokers – Lesley Handscomb & Ali Dawes
The Council will arrange initial two-hour training at New Bridge. Also, there is further on line training entitled ‘The making every contact count training’

Council will make up a box of relevant resources/leaflets to share with visitors to the hub
We will be loaned a laptop for 3months by Hereford Council.
Hereford Council will sort Wi-Fi provision EE 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot (£89), a SIM Card (£5). This will slot into the laptop. All this will be paid by the Council. There is an ongoing monthly 4Gb EE data package (£12/month). Initial 6 months will be paid by the Council. If we continue to use this system, we can apply for a Council Seed Grant when it becomes available. (Checked that can get 4G in the Church).

Longer term it is possible that a new initiative, Fastershire may be able to link with Airband. Could get a free connection to the community centre.

Seed grant of £2000 will be available. Still in the early stages of sorting this.
Concern at the last meeting about access to funding – the Council advise that they don’t think a committee is needed at this stage.

Funding for Talk Community would be available to the Parish Council. The community centre could be the applicant if further funding applications were to be made, if the Parish Council were ineligible.
Arrangement between the two groups could be flexible and respond to needs. Suggestion – it could be a partnership with the Parish Council being the lead body. It may be that you each lead on different elements e.g. the overall hub could be the PC but the activity class may sit better under the aims and objectives of the community centre?
Advertising: Parish Notice Boards, Churches & Doctors (Staunton on Wye)
Start date: End of October/start of November

The Chairman closed the open Session

7. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th July 2019 were unanimously agreed to be a true record. These were duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.

8. Highways report and Environmental Matters
(8.1) Lengthsman work sheet – repair post and fit new horse/rider friendly latch on Shetton bridleway.

Clerk to arrange with the Locality Steward for the two signs indicating the turns to Weobley on the A438 to be trimmed back to make them more visible.

Clerk to make enquiries about the legalities surrounding erecting two signs on the A438 (see open session) – to report back to next meeting.

(8.2) Footpath update – covered in Chairman’s report

(8.2) Update Tree Warden

Cllr Goldwater explained that the Herefordshire Ice Age Ponds Project had come to the end of its development funding and a decision on the delivery funding would probably not be made until January 2020. It was unsure whether David Hutton would continue with the project at that time as the position would be subject to advertising and interviews.

Cllr Goldwater reported that he is in the process of organising a small-scale Parish Walk in association with Garnons Estate. It is hoped this will be about March time 2020.

Cllr Goldwater explained that, unfortunately, the Tree Identification project had been postponed for this year.
There are still various species of young tree saplings available – please contact Cllr Goldwater direct – the free trees come with spiral guards.

9. Finance: Up-to-date accounts sheet/schedule of payments sheet had been circulated.

(9.1) It was unanimously agreed to pay all outstanding invoices and cheques were raised and signed.

(9.2) Precept – Clerk to prepare forecast figures for next meeting in November.

10. Planning matters: no recent applications received.

11. Correspondence:

(11.1) Parish Summit 20th September – Cllr Handscomb confirmed she will be attending and will report back to the next meeting.

(11.2) A request had been received from Ward Cllr Hitchiner asking if Bishopstone Group Parish Council would consider changing their meeting day due to it coinciding with Clehonger. After discussion, it was unanimously agreed by the Councillors that they would prefer the meeting dates to remain on the second Thursday of every other month as had been the practice for many years.

12. Items for discussion at next meeting: Update on speeding issues
associated with the A438. To include setting 2020/21 Precept.
13. Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th November 2019 – 7.30p.m. start.

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30p.m.

Signed: Date:



Parish councillors have been invited to the next parish council summit, on Friday 20th September 2019 at 6.30pm at the Shire Hall in Hereford.

There will be an opportunity to attend a market place from 5.30pm prior to the main meeting. This provides parish councils with a chance to speak with officers from a number of council services as well as network with colleagues prior to the main event.

The focus of the meeting will be the next 4 year Corporate Plan and the 2020/21 budget. We are keen to listen to parish councils, prior to the wider public budget consultation to take place before Christmas. This will include facilitated roundtable discussions, which will give parish councils an opportunity to put forward their views as well as highlighting future opportunities to work together, with particular focus on best use of resources and opportunities across the county.

Officers will also provide an update on key areas, such as Talk Community hubs and Understanding Herefordshire. These events are aimed at developing how we collectively share our understanding about local challenges and opportunities and work together to promote community well-being.

I hope that as many parish councillors will be able to attend as is possible. This is an opportunity for them to provide input at the beginning of their period of office, and that of the new council.

Places should be booked no later than Wednesday 11th September 2019 by emailing officeleader@herefordshire.gov.uk

STOMP pledge, Stop Over Medicating People with a learning disability.
You are warmly invited to join Aspire at our Community Hub, Canal Road, Hereford HR1 2EA for an exciting event arranged as part of its commitment to the STOMP pledge, Stop Over Medicating People with a learning disability.

The development day takes place on Thursday 26 September 0930 for 1000 to 1530, with support from Herefordshire Council.

Attendees will be joined by guest speakers including Jill Parker, national social care lead for STOMP, and MiXiT theatre company, who will perform the STOMP story as commissioned by NHS England. They will also hear first-hand from families and care professionals about how non-pharmaceutical therapies and medication reduction planning have had a positive impact on people’s lives. Aspire also hopes to inspire more people to make a commitment to the STOMP initiative by making a personal or organisational pledge.

The event, and the morning session in particular, is inclusive and aims to raise awareness of medication and the potential for reduction with people with a learning disability and their families, and will include information and stories about outcomes they have achieved. There will also be an opportunity to network with other professionals and organisations.

Location: Aspire Community Hub, Canal Road, Hereford, HR1 2EA
Time: 0930 for 1000 to 1530

Please RSVP by registering your attendance on the Eventbrite link:

Any enquiries, please contact karen.pritchard@aspireliving.org.uk.

Housing Supply
National Planning Policy requires that local planning authorities should identify and update annually a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years supply of housing against their housing requirements set out in adopted strategic policies or against the local housing need where the strategic policies are more than five years old.

The Council’s five year position statement for April 2019 is now available on the council website is now. The paper indicates that the Council cannot currently demonstrate five years supply of housing land. The supply as of April 2019 stands was estimated to be 4.05 years.

The five year supply includes a range of different sources of housing including:
• Sites with planning permission
• Sites with a resolution to grant planning permission
• Strategic sites identified in the Core Strategy
• Neighbourhood Development Plan allocations and
• Windfall allowance

The number of years supply has declined since the 2018 paper was published (from 4.55 years). This decline is principally due to the changes to the method of calculation, with the Government making it more difficult to include certain categories of sites, such as those with outline planning permission. Overall the total commitments and completions figure is slightly less than last year.

Hereford Transport Package & South Wye Transport Package
Decision made to pause and review work on the Hereford bypass and Southern link road. This now subject to Scrutiny. Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport, said:

“Following a change of administration and with time to reflect, it has now been decided to pause all work on the Hereford bypass and Southern link road to allow further time to review these schemes in more detail and look at other options. There are many complex issues that need to be considered and it is very important to examine these thoroughly.

“The views of residents, commuters and local businesses are very important to us. It is vital that travel, transport and infrastructure developments in Hereford support the economy, help to improve health and wellbeing and make Herefordshire a better place to live, work and visit. We also need to ensure we effectively respond to the climate emergency declared by Herefordshire Council and the Government.

“As part of this review it is important to consider alternative options. For example this will include infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians (including safe routes to school), an eastern river crossing and trialling the removal of some traffic signals. It could also include options for an electric bus service, improving school bus services and an ultra-light rail system.

“All options need to be considered as we look to the long term and towards providing a high quality, integrated and low carbon transport system for the whole of Herefordshire, not just for the immediate future but for generations to come.

The outcome of the scrutiny committee deliberations was that the committee referred the decision back to the cabinet member to reconsider, and in doing so:

• The cabinet member seeks clarification from the funders, of both the South West Transport Package and the Hereford Transport Package, of the funding implications of a review and ensure that both projects are not interdependent of each other
• Ongoing planned activity, programmed in to take place during the pause, continues while the review is underway.
• The cabinet member hosts a time limited series of ‘open days’ with parish councils, businesses and members of the public to ensure their views are taken into account on all of the evidence under consideration as part of the review
• That all council, and council contractors, contact databases, as far as is practicable, are kept up to date ahead of contacting members of the public.

Children and Young People’s Partnership
A new 5 year plan has recently been approved by the council and its key partners, which aims to give Herefordshire’s children and young people a great start in life and to grow up healthy, happy and safe. Further detail is available on the News section of the Council website.

The partnership is led by Herefordshire Council, and includes NHS Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), West Mercia Police and other agencies that work closely with children, young people and their families.
The plan has been put together by the Children and Young People’s Partnership, with the help of children and young people from across the county, who told the partnership what was important to them, which included being part of the community, being healthy, being safe and being amazing!

As part of the work to launch the new plan, the Partnership is holding a Showcase event on 7 October at 3pm-6pm at the Shire Hall in Hereford to celebrate the support that is available locally and the difference that it makes for children, young people and families. Anyone can come along to learn more about what is happening in Herefordshire, it will be a fantastic networking opportunity for anyone involved in supporting children, young people and families.

Beryl Bikes
In just the first month after launching its hybrid bike share scheme in the cathedral city, Beryl’s distinctive green bikes have been cycled well over 8,000km in Hereford.

To celebrate this success, Beryl and Herefordshire Council are bringing riders a free week of trips across the city. Funded by a grant from the Department of Transport, all rides ending in a Beryl Bay will be free of charge from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 of September. “Hereford Free Week” will enable more residents and visitors to choose a more environmentally-friendly means of transport.

By using grant funding from the Department for Transport we are offering a week of free rides, of up to 30 minutes, and hope to encourage even more of you to get on two wheels and enjoy being out and about on healthy, active, sustainable transport.

Beryl’s hybrid bike share is an innovative scheme where its bikes, that are available to hire through the Beryl app, can be picked up and dropped off in marked ‘Beryl Bays’.

Riders have a payment choice of Pay-As-You-Ride (£1 unlock fee + 5p per minute), Minute Bundles (no unlock fee and bundles starting at 100 minutes for £5) or Day Passes (24 hours of unlimited riding for £12). Once their ride is complete, users simply close the lock on the bike to complete their ride and make it available for the next person to use.

David Hitchiner


Talk Community Hubs

The community Hub initiative is being rolled out by Herefordshire Council. (Brought to my attention at last Parish Summit). Aim
• Help to connect the services, groups and activities taking place in the community
• Ensure people will remain happy and healthy in the local community for longer

There are two types of hub:
• Information access point e.g. library
• Information advice and signposting hub
a. Drop in session to give advice on range of topics such as health, employment & finance e.g. old gentleman in Ross just lost wife
b. Provide activities to support well – being and independence e.g. low impact exercise
At present there are monthly drop-in sessions in 7 areas. Only rural hub is at Peterchurch.

Council want to extend this service and see Bishopstone Parish a suitable venue to host an information, advice and signposting hub

What would be involved:
1. Identify venue /event – New Bridge Community Centre weekly coffee morning
2. Identify broker(s) who will be available to offer support LH? More the better!!!
3. Council to provide training to develop skills and knowledge to be a Broker e.g. how to access information, dealing with safeguarding alerts and how to give advice(counselling skills)
4. Council to provide digital device – e.g. laptop and printer
5. Council provide funding – council have Seed Funding available for identified issues e.g. internet connection
6. Council to give guidance on identified needs e.g.
• At yesterday’s meeting Muriel mentioned suicide & farmers isolation. Provided with a contact name Karla Preston
• Cost of internet – Lisa who gave the talk is go to speak to Fastershire
7. Council to provide relevant printed materials to support advice require e.g. At Peterchurch, Sue took away a leaflet on council recommended contractors
8. Promote hub e.g. Bishopstone and Hereford Council website, flyer drop & noticeboards
9. Council link us up with similar hubs e.g. Bishop Frome, Garway

Think this would be a useful initiative to develop for the community and the Community Centre. Something that could expand as new needs are required e.g. isolation & people suffering from dementia support. I think that it would be best at this stage to keep it under the Parish Council banner as the initial presentation on this initiative was in a meeting for all the local parish councillors as funding would be easier. Of course, I think that liaison with the NBCCC is important.

Lesley Handscomb