Draft minutes

Minutes of the Parish Meeting
held on Thursday 14th November 2019
in The New Bridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars

PRESENT: Cllr S Hubbard (Vice-chair), Cllr C Draper, Cllr S Knights, Cllr M Holmes, Cllr L Handscombe, Cllr R Morgan, Cllr S Keefe

Mrs Lesley Hay (Clerk) was unable to be present due to flooding. Four members of the public were present.

1 Apologies for absence – Cllr J Macklin, Cllr S Crump, Cllr N Newton, Cllr L Goldwater

2 Declarations of interest or written requests for dispensation – none recorded

3 Report of local police officer – no representative present

4 Report of ward councillor – not present

5 Chairman’s Report

The chairman reported that on 24th September at the request of Balfour Beatty he made a site visit to Bridge Sollars to look at positions for village signs to be placed on the A438 following discussion at the last meeting. He produced a map to be considered by councillors at this meeting.

On 17th October he looked through the Clovers Planning Application (193489) on site with local residents and identified several elements for concern about changes from the original outline application including the position and size of the proposed building. There was also concern about flooding from drainage/waste water. Following this meeting he asked the clerk to request an extension to the comment period until after the Parish Council meeting so that residents could attend to express their concerns.

On 18th October an email was received through the website from a resident living on Bishon Common regarding potholes in Bishon Lane. This lane is not the responsibility of the Parish Council, it is the responsibility of Herefordshire Council through contractors Balfour Beatty. The locality steward has previously tried to arrange for scrapings from the A438 to fill the potholes but no resident could be found willing to store the scrapings temporarily. During the last two years the Parish Council has spent over £1000 on work on Bishon Lane including ditching and cleaning.

On 27th October following an email from Cllr Goldwater he inspected road erosion at Mansell Gamage due to flooding – to be reported to the Locality Steward.

Urgent work on highways to be inspected by Locality Steward Paul Norris:
Road edge erosion at Mansell Gamage by notice board
Ditch pipe blocked by Kenchester Rectory on U90016 (reported before)
Water running from Garnons estate ditch onto B430 Mansell Gamage road
Potholes on Bishon Lane
Ditches at Bishon Common

6 Open Session
A resident raised concerns about flooding on the U 90016 near the Bunshill turn caused by a blocked drain – to be added to the list for Paul Norris to inspect.

Concerns also raised about flooding on A438 between the dingle and the Bridge Sollars turn caused by run-off from the fields – to be added to the list for Paul Norris to inspect

6.1 Update on speeding on A438
Cllr Knight presented a letter expressing her extreme concern about the risk to life caused to residents by traffic speeding past their properties including a large number of near misses and one serious accident to a car which was hit while pulling out of a driveway. She requested a 50 mile per hour speed limit be put on that stretch of road and supported the placing of village signs as an interim measure.

Councillors looked at the map produced by the chairman with suggested positions for the village signs. It was unanimously agreed that to provide maximum safety the signs should be placed just before the turning to The Marsh (travelling west) and at the point where footpath BN4 joins the A438 (travelling east).

Councillors considered the use of a SID to slow traffic but agreed that this was pointless unless there was a speed limit on that stretch of road.

6.2 Update on Community Hub
Cllr Handscombe reported on the opening of the Hub on November 6th which was attended by a number of residents. A formal opening has been delayed until early next year due to the forthcoming election. Leaflets about the Hub have been distributed to local residents and Staunton Surgery has recently appointed a Social Prescriber who will be able to work with the Hub. Seed funding will be available but this still in the early stages.

End of Open Session

7 The minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 12th September were unanimously agreed to be a true record. These were duly adopted and signed by the Vice-chair

8 Highways and Environmental matters
8.1 The lengthsman and P3 sheet for November/December – matters listed in Chairman’s Report above, blocked drain on U90016 raised oin Open Session above
8.2 Footpaths update – nothing reported
8.3 Update by Tree Warden – nothing reported
8.4 Sandbags – councillors agreed to order 50 sandbags to be stored at Bishon Common. Cllr Keefe to put item on website to notify residents that sandbags for all 5 parishes are stored there.

9 Finance: Up-to date accounts sheet and schedule of payments had been circulated
9.1 It was unanimously agreed to pay all outstanding invoices.
9.2 It was unanimously agreed to raise the precept by between 2% and 3%

10 Planning matters: 193489 The Clovers, Bishopstone
The application was discussed at length. The applicants and two members of the public were present and were invited to speak. During discussion it was pointed out that the size and position of the proposed building had changed considerably from those which had received outline planning permission and that the changes would lead to detrimental impact and an increased risk of flooding to neighbouring properties on the south.

Councillors unanimously agreed to oppose the application on the following grounds:

  • The site lies outside the settlement boundary designated in Bishopstone Group Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Insufficient consideration has been given to the likely environmental impact with regard to the existing flooding situation to the south of the site
  • The application is not in accordance with condition 5 of the Outline Planning Permission
  • The proposed building conflicts with Bishopstone Group Neighbourhood Development Plan Policy G1 Housing Development Sites and Design in the following respects –
    G1.1a The orientation siting, scale, proportions, massing, rooflines, materials and detailing of the design
    G1.1b The planning and architectural integrity of the design and the way it fits in with the surrounding buildings and landscape
    G1.1c Construction, design and materials should reflect the dwellings in the immediate area
    G1.1e Preserving and enhancing the local built, natural and historic environment
    G1.1f Impact on existing environmental features and wider landscape
    G1.1g Impact on residential amenity of nearby dwellings

It is appreciated that the Outline Planning Permission was granted while the Bishopstone Group Neighbourhood Development Plan was in draft stage, but it is considered that since the adoption of the plan these specific housing and design policies must be taken into account.

11 Correspondence
Correspondence received had been circulated

12 Items for discussion at next meeting: Update on speeding issues on A438

13 Date of next meeting – January 9th 2020