Draft minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held on Thursday 8th November 2018
in The New Bridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars

PRESENT:  Councillor John Macklin (Chairman), Cllr S Hubbard (Vice Chairman); Cllr Sharon Knights; Cll. Neil Newton; Cllr Rosemary Morgan; Cllr S Keefe; Cllr Lesley Handscomb; Cllr Lewis Goldwater, Cllr M Holmes.

PRESENT: Mrs Lesley Hay (Parish Clerk)
The Chairman welcomed those present to the November meeting.

1. Apologies for absence – Cllr S Crump; Cllr C Draper

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations – Cllr J Macklin declared an interest in item (5.1) and Cllr L Hardscomb declared an interest in item (8) and item (9.1) both signed the book.

3. To receive a report from the local Police Officer/Newsletter circulated – no representative present.

4. Ward Councillor Steve Williams report:
Ward Cllr Williams reminded those present that he, together with five other Ward Councillors, had been elected by Herefordshire Council to form a ‘task and finish’ group. Ward Cllr Williams reported that the group had now had two meetings and will soon commence a programme to monitor and report on the delivery by Balfour Beatty with regard to pothole repairs and in addition the refilling/maintenance of grit bins.

Ward Cllr Williams reported no update on the proposed Fire and Police Services merger. Item to be deferred.

Ward Cllr Williams reported that he had recently attended the first of a series of Parish Council Summits held on the 17th October. The Summit was well attended by representatives from 50 parish and town councils. There are slides from the Summit and an audio link http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=1039&MId=7054&Ver=4

The information gathered during the workshops is being collated into a report which will be circulated. The next Summit will be held on 24th January 2019.

Ward Cllr Williams reported that he had been approached by the other Parish Councils within the Stoney Street Ward with a view to a meeting of Councillors and Clerks – as a ‘get to know’ each session and to share possible neighbouring problems. This proposal was discussed and it was generally agreed to be an excellent idea and many of the Councillors indicated their interest in attending such a meeting.

One of the issues that maybe discussed is the proposed traveller’s site planned in Madley – whilst it is accepted that the Government objective is to provide traveller sites throughout the country – this particular proposed site is considered to be inappropriate. Ward Cllr Williams will now liaise with the other Parish Clerks to see if a convenient date can be arranged – meeting probably to be hosted by Eaton Bishop.

5. Chairman’s report:
(5.1) Update on NBCC – the Clerk confirmed that she had emailed Revd Rana Davie-James – copying into the email Mrs Nancy Malins and Mrs Claire Hancock (Church Wardens) with an invitation to meet with the Parish Council to discuss possible terms and conditions associated with the future of the NBCC.

Cllr Hubbard reported that the PCC were due to meet on Friday 9th November when the item would be discussed further and hopefully a convenient date and time can be arranged for the PCC and Parish Council to meet.

(5.2) Bishon Lane/Common Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Map modification order – details had been circulated. The overgrown verge on Bishon Lane has now been cut and, as it has been established that this lane is owned by Herefordshire Council, the Locality Steward has requested that this and maintenance of the lane be included in future maintenance programmes. It has now been established that the ‘No Through Road’ sign on Bishon Lane ‘is to be reinstated by Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty.

Ditches on Bishon Lane – these have been cleared by D C Gardening. Concerns were expressed with regard to the excessive speeding through Bishopstone village despite it being a 30mph zone. It was noted that there had been a theft in the village of a pair of ornamental gates. Residents to be warned to be vigilant especially as the Christmas season approaches. It was noted that an ‘Unsuitable for HGV’ sign has been erected at the junction of A48 and Bridge Sollars junction.

There were a number of items discussed that require a ‘walk about’ – preferably with the Chairman; Paul Norris Locality Steward and Dave Campbell of D C Gardening. These include:

  • Unblocking culverts – Bishon Lane
  • Byford – ditches along the common – these have been done before by D C Gardening.
  • Kissing gate on the bridleway BN7A which is blocked by hurdles.
  • Byford Cottage – bridleway/footpath BY3 – to swivel or replace the finger post.

(5.3) Open Session for local residents present at meeting and for matters raised between meetings.
No items were raised.
Chairman closed the open session.

6. The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th September 2018 were unanimously agreed to be a true record. These were duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.

(6.1) Update Community Governance Review – the clerk reported she had received a recent email from John Coleman – he confirmed that the local Community Governance Review has been approved by full council. The evidence has been sent to Local Government Boundary Commission who will now review the boundary changes and, all being well, these will take effect from the 1st April 2019. Item to remain on agenda.

(6.2) HALC – Information Corner and Training programme had been circulated.

7. Highways report and Environmental Matters

(7.1) Discuss lengthsman and P3 worksheet for November / December – to be further discussed during a walk about with Locality Steward and Chairman.

(7.2) Footpaths –to be further discussed during a walk about with Locality Steward and Chairman.

(7.3) Update by Tree Warden – re: planning application 180553 – Glamping site on Land at Garnons Hill, Mansell Gamage – information has been circulated.

(7.4) Cllr Goldwater confirmed the Tree Identification Course run will be run at the Community Centre on the 1st December 2018 – it will be an all-day course with a class room session followed by an outdoor session. Cllr Goldwater explained that, in conjunction with the Pembridge Tree Warden, there is to be a project to replant the black poplar tree – correspondence with regard to this has been circulated.

Cllr. Goldwater reported that there is a Stop Drop Litter Campaign to be held on the 27th November – Cllr Goldwater will attend and report back to the next meeting. It was suggested that maybe another litter picking day should be organised locally – it was agreed this would be better in February before the new spring growth.

Again, Cllr Goldwater highlighted the dangers associated with the Ash Die Back disease – and asked everyone to be aware of the signs – if anyone is concerned please contact the Tree Warden direct.

8. Finance: Up-to-date accounts sheet/schedule of payments sheet had been circulated. The Clerk explained that was an additional invoice for £200 in lieu of legal services provided by P D Walker – Planning Consultant – for advice associated with the Neighbourhood Plan. It was unanimously agreed (with one abstention, Cllr Handscomb, who had signed the Declaration of Interest Book) that this invoice should be paid.

(8.1) It was unanimously agreed to pay all outstanding invoices and cheques were raised and signed.

(8.2) The Precept/Budget for 2019-20. The Clerk had previously circulated the current expenditure figures and a forecast for expenditure as of 31st March 2019. After discussion, it was unanimously agreed by a show of hands to increase the Precept by £200 – from £7,700 to £7900. The Clerk will prepare an Precept/Budget sheet and will circulate. The application form for the Total Precept Requirement will be sent to Herefordshire Council.

9. Planning matters:
(9.1) NDP report to Parish Council Nov 2018 – Cllr Hubbard reported:
We are now in the Examination stage where our NDP is checked by an independent examiner for consistency, deliverability and compliance with planning law and the Herefordshire Core Strategy. To help her with this she is sending us a series of questions and requests for clarification, and she also makes a private unaccompanied visit to the parishes. The questions and answers will be put onto the Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Planning site. She hopes to complete her report by the end of this month.

Many of her questions relate to Bishopstone and the Bishon Farm site, and to details of the planned development such as number of houses and access and heritage issues. Some are about things arising during Regulation 16 consultation; for example, she asked about a revision to the settlement boundary by Wyeside Cottage in Byford which was requested but which we have now agreed not to accept.

10. Correspondence: No items to be discussed.

11. Discuss date of next meeting – Thursday 10th January 2019 at 7.30pm
Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.