Draft minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
held on Thursday 11th July 2019
in The New Bridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars

PRESENT: Councillor John Macklin (Chairman), Cllr S Hubbard (Vice Chairman); Cllr Sharon Knights; Cllr Rosemary Morgan; Cllr S Keefe; Cllr Lesley Handscomb; Cllr L Goldwater; Cllr S. Crump; Cllr C Draper.

PRESENT: Mrs Lesley Hay (Parish Clerk) No members of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed those present to the July meeting.

1. Apologies for absence – Ward Cllr D Hitchiner; Cllr N Newton

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations – none recorded.

3. To receive a report from the local Police Officer – no representative present.

4. Ward Councillor David Hitchiner emailed report read out by the Chairman.

Since your last meeting I have been elected as Leader of the Council. This is not a post I had sought, so it came as a surprise to be nominated. I have no Council experience so it has been a very steep learning curve for me, and one I am still on.

The ruling group comprises Herefordshire Independents, Greens and Its Our County ward members with the Cabinet posts being divided 4/2/2. So far, we are all getting on very well.

We have all been very busy learning about our portfolios and how the Council works. Had I been with you I would have gone into some detail about this, but this will have to wait until next time.

We have had one Cabinet meeting, and on Friday the first Council meeting. No significant decisions have been made except the commitment to build an accommodation block on Station Approach which is to be used principally by the Hereford College of Art.

5. Chairman’s report:

The Chairman reported that he had been sent an email with regard to registering the village defibrillator on to a new database called The Circuit. This will hold the records of defibrillators around the Country which will enable rescue services to locate the nearest defibrillator as quickly as possible in an emergency.

However, the Chairman reported that he had been unable to register the defibrillator as the PC need to open an account and, together with other relative information, provide the expiry date on the pads. To obtain this information it would mean breaking the seal on the pads which he is reluctant to do without advice. The Clerk will contact The Circuit registration officer and report back to next meeting.

The Chairman reported an email from a local resident on Bishon Common with regard to a sewage blow out – see item (6.1)

The Chairman reported also receiving an email with regard to the verge cutting along Bishon Lane. In 2018, the Locality Steward agreed to add this cutting to the annual Balfour Beatty verge cutting programme – but unfortunately, this appears to have been missed. The Clerk will liaise with the Locality Steward with a view to asking for this to be added to the annual programme and to request that it is logged as an urgent job for this year.

Footpaths – MG3 – the gate is still in need of repair. It had been decided this would wait until the crop is harvested. Item deferred until the September agenda.

The Chairman confirmed he had strimmed back the over growth on footpaths; styles and gates in Bishopstone Parish.

An A4 size sign – ‘No Motorised Vehicles beyond this point’ – is still needed in Bishon Lane. The Chairman will liaise with the Locality Steward with a view to purchasing an appropriate sign and will liaise with D C Gardening with regard to erecting.

Items to be discussed with locality Steward – Clerk to arrange a parish drive with Chairman; Cllr. Holmes and Locality Steward.

To discuss: Byford – Water running down both sides of the road opposite Byford Court – U90012.

To discuss: Mansell Gamage – possible water leak by The Lodge. Cllr Goldwater will check on exact location.

To discuss: Potholes – B01097 between Kenchester Rectory and Bunshill Lane.

6. The Chairman opened the Open Session – no representatives of the public present.

(6.1) Sewage capacity – following the sewage blow back – it has been established that the reason for this was the flushing of wet wipes into the sewage system. It was agreed that whilst it is very difficult to police this; it was suggested that a reminder be put on the website that wet wipes should not be flushed into the sewage system.

(6.2) Speeding on the A438. There have been various emails received with regard to the dangers along the A438 by the old Nelson Pub and the houses along that side of the road. The drives to these houses are on a blind bend with vehicles approaching at speeds of 60 + mph. There is no room for manoeuvre and a serious accident is waiting to happen.

It was noted that Ward Councillor Hitchiner had been personally approached by a resident and, although he passed it back to the Parish Council, it was agreed that the Ward Councillor definitely needs to be involved if anything is to be achieved in reducing the speed limit along this stretch of the road.

After much discussion, during which is was acknowledged that this was an ongoing problem which has, in the past, been assessed by the Safer Roads Team and the Locality Steward – it was agreed to try to re-open negotiations with regard to reducing the speed limit.

The Clerk was asked to contact Ray Wallace, Balfour Beatty’s Senior Traffic Engineer, with a view to inviting him to attend a Parish Council Meeting to discuss these issues. If he is unable to attend an evening meeting, Clerk will suggest a day time site meeting perhaps at the Nelson Pub/Antiques Centre itself.

(6.3) Community Hub

Cllr Handscomb gave a short presentation following her meeting with regard to a Community Hub initiative which is being rolled out by Herefordshire Council. Cllr Handscomb’s summary of that meeting is attached to these meeting.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Handscomb for bringing this is to the attention of the Parish Council and for attending the meeting held in the Newbridge Community Centre yesterday. After discussion, it was unanimously agreed to support this initiative and Cllr Handscomb will report back on further/future developments.

The Chairman closed the open Session.

7. The minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 9th May 2019 were unanimously agreed to be a true record. These were duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.

8. Highways report and Environmental Matters

(8.1) Lengthsman work sheet – Clerk to ask lengthsman to strim BY29.

(8.2) Footpaths. It was noted that a new footpath post and direction sign have been erected on the footpath which leads through to the swamp. In the interests of health and safety, the Chairman will discuss this further with Locality Steward.

Cllr Goldwater will move the Bridleway sign from behind the Notice Board in Mansell Gamage.

As reported – the gate on the MG3 will wait until after the harvest – deferred until September meeting.

(8.3) Update Tree Warden

Cllr Goldwater reported that the 63 Lime Trees in Kings Acre Road are now protected by a Conservation Order (a TPO).

There was discussion on the process on making a TPO request.

Cllr Goldwater confirmed Herefordshire Tree Week would be 23rd November to 1st December and he confirmed he will be arranging a meeting during this week which will follow a similar format as the one held last year.

Cllr Goldwater is planning on approaching Garnons Estate with regard to arranging a Forestry Guided Walk – update at the next meeting.

9.  Finance: Up-to-date accounts sheet/schedule of payments sheet had been circulated.

(9.1) It was unanimously agreed to pay all outstanding invoices and cheques were raised and signed.

10. Planning matters:

(10.1) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr Hubbard confirmed that the Plan has now gone through and she has had notice that it has been ‘made’ by and now forms part of the Herefordshire Council Planning

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr Hubbard for all the hard work and time she has spent producing this Plan – this vote of thanks was unanimously supported by all Councillors present.

(10.2) Recent Planning applications:
Planning applications 191713 and 191715
Bridge House Kenchester – discussed – no objection.

Planning application 191727 – Fairview Mansell Gamage – discussed – no objection.

Planning application 191963 – Rosemullion Bishopstone – discussed – no objection.

11. Correspondence:

(11.1) Allowance Scheme for Parish and Town Councillors – had
been circulated. It was agreed no further action necessary.

12. Items for discussion at next meeting: Update on speeding issues associated with the A438
13. Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th September 2019 – 7.30p.m. start.

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45p.m.



Talk Community Hubs

The community Hub initiative is being rolled out by Herefordshire Council. (Brought to my attention at last Parish Summit)
Aim –
• Help to connect the services, groups and activities taking place in the community
• Ensure people will remain happy and healthy in the local community for longer

There are two types of hub:
• Information access point e.g. library
• Information advice and signposting hub
a. Drop in session to give advice on range of topics such as health, employment & finance e.g. old gentleman in Ross just lost wife
b. Provide activities to support well – being and independence e.g. low impact exercise
At present there are monthly drop-in sessions in 7 areas. Only rural hub is at Peterchurch.

Council want to extend this service and see Bishopstone Parish a suitable venue to host an information, advice and signposting hub

What would be involved:
1. Identify venue /event – New Bridge Community Centre weekly coffee morning
2. Identify broker(s) who will be available to offer support LH? More the better!!!
3. Council to provide training to develop skills and knowledge to be a Broker e.g. how to access information, dealing with safeguarding alerts and how to give advice(counselling skills)
4. Council to provide digital device – e.g. laptop and printer
5. Council provide funding – council have Seed Funding available for identified issues e.g. internet connection
6. Council to give guidance on identified needs e.g.
• At yesterday’s meeting Muriel mentioned suicide & farmers isolation. Provided with a contact name Karla Preston
• Cost of internet – Lisa who gave the talk is go to speak to Fastershire
7. Council to provide relevant printed materials to support advice require e.g. At Peterchurch, Sue took away a leaflet on council recommended contractors
8. Promote hub e.g. Bishopstone and Hereford Council website, flyer drop & noticeboards
9. Council link us up with similar hubs e.g. Bishop Frome, Garway

Think this would be a useful initiative to develop for the community and the Community Centre. Something that could expand as new needs are required e.g. isolation & people suffering from dementia support
I think that it would be best at this stage to keep it under the Parish Council banner as the initial presentation on this initiative was in a meeting for all the local parish councillors as funding would be easier. Of course, I think that liaison with the NBCCC is important.

Lesley Handscomb