Maintenance tasks carried out by the Lengthsman in the Parish

The Parish Council employ a Lengthsman to maintain local roads and footpaths, paid for by you from the Parish’s precept. Here is a quick look at the work carried out by the Lengthsman this year so you can see how your money is being spent:

Kissing Gate near Kentchester Turn

  • In the spring and summer months, strimming vegetation to improve visibility at junctions and cutting back vegetation from around road signs and bridges on the U/C roads  (April, May, July and September)
  • Digging out of grippers and clearing of drains through Bishopstone towards Kenchester. Work carried out in April.
  • Installing a new kissing gate to replace the gate which sadly was stolen on KT9 in Kenchester (this comes off the layby on the bad bend just before the road joins the A438 at Kenchester Turn, about 300m past the Credenhill turn heading towards Hereford.)
  • Clearing over-grown vegetation from a footpath in Byford Common that goes between two houses by the Common and across an orchard on to the A438, work carried out in May.
  • Clearing the footpath from the side of Bridge Sollars bridge down to the river, we like to keep this area clear and also that under the bridge as it is the only area in our parish where the public can launch a boat/canoe into the Wye without trespassing on private ground. Work carried out in May.
  • Mow the long footpath leading out of Bishopstone by Wiston House, down the field towards the pond as this is a popular dog walking route. Work carried out in May.
  • Clearing the footpath by Greentrees on Bishon Common up to the bridge crossing making it easier for people to visit the SSSI on the Common. Work  carried out in June. Note: the public byway runs to the middle of the Common only.
  • Installing of 2 dog signs onto the Bridleway from Byford Village just past the Church to join BY22 leading to Monnington part of the Wye Valley Walk. Work carried out in July.
  • Replacing 2 wooden gate posts that had become rotten at ground level, on Bunshill Lane and nearby. Work carried out in September.

If you would like to report any issues with the U/C roads or footpaths in the parish, please contact the Parish Clerk through this Contact form.

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