June update from Herefordshire Police

‘The Hub’ is a new publication from the Police in Herefordshire for the benefit of the people who live, work and visit Herefordshire. Frank, informative and full of advice, we will welcome your feedback.

On that point, a huge thanks to all those who took the time to comment (really pleased you like format & content) and to those who asked questions like Pete who owns a Land Rover Defender and is concerned about them being stolen. Each one gave me the opportunity to provide some security advice and guidance.

Please keep the questions coming….I might print them and the answers in future editions.

The message may have changed but the situation remains the same, more than ever before there is a need for all of us to help each other and it would be remiss not to mention COVID-19 and overwhelming public compliance with the restrictions in place although sadly not by everyone!! To those few we repeat, keep 2m apart or we WILL take (and have taken) enforcement action where necessary.

Topics covered in this June 2020 newsletter include:

  • Preventing agricultural vehicle theft
  • County Lines
  • Online Criminality
  • Things to look out for

Paul Crumpton
Rural & Business Crime Officer, Herefordshire
West Mercia Police
Mob:07773 044781

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