Help for those badly affected by flooding in Herefordshire

Here is information about local organisations that are co-ordinating help to those badly affected by flooding in Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Community Foundation
One of the main points of contact for financial donations is the Herefordshire Community Foundation (who have now teamed up with the Hereford Times I think).

Hereford Diocese
The Hereford Diocese has just set up a Giving Fund to help those most in need too.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army (Canonmoor St, Hereford – near Courtyard – 01432 264543) will take warm clothing, bedding, shoes, food & small household items etc and will liaise with other charities on the ground.

Herefordshire Council
A grant and other support is available for those homes and businesses affected by the latest floods. Wider support is through this link Recovery under way in parts of Herefordshire as response continues and this link takes you straight to the application.

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