Grant enables parish to improve drainage of storm water

Ditch in Bishopstone, HerefordshireDuring 2020, the parish council secured a £7140 grant from Herefordshire Council under the Drainage Grant Scheme and this enabled us to carry out vital work to improve drainage across the parish.

This work involved the Parish Lengthsman, DC Gardening Services, hiring of a digger to dig out many ditches across the parish and running alongside roads in the 5 villages with reinstatement of grippers as required.

Then with the assistance of  Mayglothling Waste Ltd, storm drains were jetted ensuring water runs clear from ditch to ditch. Debris sucked out of inspection pits as required. The work uncovered several “lost” drains which have become hidden over the years and subsequently blocked up.

Drainage in Bishopstone, HerefordshireFull details of the work carried out across the parish and of any issues uncovered can be found in this report by DC Gardening Services.

If you notice any issues with the drains, please report them to the parish council via the form on the website.

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