Give wildlife a boost with No Mow May

Why no consider mowing your garden lawn less this May, to give wildlife an important boost as bees and other insects feed on the nectar and pollen the lawn supports. Even better don’t mowing at all for the month of May and join the national campaign #NoMowMay

No Mow MayMore and more people are embracing wilder gardens and that is good news for wild plants and the other wildlife that depend on them. Did you know just 8 dandelion flowers might produce enough nectar sugar to meet an adult bumblebee’s baseline energy needs?

Worried it could look untidy? Just leave a small patch unmowed to start with or consider a mowed path through the lawn, maybe a neat mowed edge. Once you see how many flowers your lawn holds you’ll enjoy giving nature a chance.

A one metre square on a typical English lawn has 17 daisies and a smattering of buttercups and dandelions. Across lawns, germander speedwell and field forget-me-nots were next most likely to show. Find out more –

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