Flytipping – let’s catch the culprits

Bishopstone has within the last week experienced two flytipping incidents on the road from Bridge Sollars crossroads to Mansel Lacy.  The rubbish has been dumped in a way that blocks part of the road, making it dangerous for traffic.  We’re not the only parish to suffer from flytipping recently, Credenhill is also experiencing the same thing.

Flytipping in Bishopstone, HerefordshireThis photo is of the most recent incident from Saturday 30th January and as you can see the rubbish has been dumped in the layby as you come up from the crossroads and partly across the road.

Thankfully, Herefordshire County Council removes the rubbish very quickly but it would be good to catch the culprits.

In these two incidents, a flat-bed tipper is believed to be the vehicle used to dump building materials.

If you see anyone fly tipping in our parish, here’s what you can do:

  • Make a note of any vehicle used, including model, colour and registration number. If it is safe to do so without being seen, take a photograph or video of the activity
  • Note the fly tippers’ clothes, and distinguishing features. If you can hear the fly tippers, take note of anything which was said along with the speakers’ accents
  • Make a note of what they dumped, the location, weather conditions and how far away you were at the time.
    Use Herefordshire Council’s online form to report it:

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