Council Business

Annual Parish Meeting
Wednesday 11th May 2022
to commence at 7.00pm in
Stretton Sugwas Village Hall


Chairman to welcome those present.

A presentation by Peter Povall on Recycling.

1. Approval of minutes from 5th May 2021

2. Chairman’s Annual Report.

3. Open discussion on Parish Matters.
You are invited to take part

Signed: John Macklin
Chairman Bishopstone Group Parish Council

Date: May 2022

Annual Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 11th May 2022
following the Annual Parish Meeting


1. To: Elect a Chairman/Sign Declaration of Office

2. Co-option of new Parish Councillor

3. To Receive Apologies for Absence

4. All councillors to confirm Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation

5. To: Elect other Officers:
5.1 Elect a Vice Chairman
5.2 Confirm Responsible Finance Officer
5.3 Footpath Officers
5.4 Planning Officers

6. To Receive Reports:
6.1 Ward Councillor report
6.2 Policing Matters – Local Police Officer/Community Support Officer

7. Open session – Matters raised by local residents.
7.1 Jubilee funding request – (circulated)
Close open session

8. To Approve Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 9th March 2022
Matters arising and update:

9. Finance Matters:
9.1 Bank Balances – circulated
9.2 To approve the Annual Governance Statement 2021/2022
9.3 To Approve the Annual Accounts for 2021/2022
9.5 Chairman to sign Certificate of Exemption
9.6 To Appoint an Internal Auditor
9.7 To Consider and Approve payment of outstanding invoices.
9.7.1 Approve April Schedule of Payments circulated.
9.7.2 Insurance Renewal 2022/2023 (if quote available)
9.7.3 Donation to Internal Auditor

10. To Consider adopting the Standing Orders; Financial Regulations; Financial Risk Assessment; Safeguarding Statement; Complaints procedure; Data protection document; adoption of the updated Code of Conduct.

11. Planning updates since last meeting:
11.1 No: 220885 Downshill House Bishopstone (circulated)
11.2 No: 220629 – Weir Garden Cottage (circulated)

12. Lengthsman / Locality Steward
12.1 Confirm D C Gardening contract 2022-2023
12.2 Lengthsman work sheet for May/June
12.3 Confirm Balfour Beatty ‘s Drainage grant offer
(a) Prioritise work based on grant
(b) Possible match funding to cover to outstanding drainage work
12.4 Footpath Officers’ Reports
12.5 Litter pick

13. Brief update on ‘Making space for Nature in our parish’

14. Items for the Next Agenda (no discussion):

15. To Confirm the Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting as Thursday 13th July 2022.

Signed: …………Lesley Hay …………

Parish Clerk
Date: May 2022