Council Business

Parish Council Meeting
to be held on
Wednesday 1st September 2021
Stretton Sugwas Meeting Centre


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations.

3. To approve and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 7th July 2021.

4. Request from the New Bridge Community Centre for the Parish Council to hold their assets.

5. Chairman’s Report:

5.1 Kenchester Parish Councillor vacancy

6. Byford Common:
6.1 Resignation of Byford Councillor
6.2 Confirm Ownership
6.3 Parish Council involvement
6.4 Future Signs
6.5 Future maintenance

7. To discuss future Health and Safety policy.

8. Ward Councillor’s report – HCC Leader’s report circulated.

9. Finance: Account’s sheet/schedule of payment sheet circulated.
9.1 To agree payment of outstanding invoices.

10. Highways and Environmental Matters:
10.1. Footpath Officers’ Reports
10.2 Bridleway. Green lane, but should we provide a bin?
10.3 Speeding issues A438
10.4 Application for Free Trees – (MH)

10. Recent Correspondence: covered under item 6

11. Planning applications:
11.1 Planning application No 204493 Sollars View (amended)

Objection recorded on website – to read:
Bishopstone Group Parish Council opposes the amended plans. The amended application still fails to comply with Bishopstone Group NDP Policy G1a, b, c, and e, and we are particularly concerned that no attempt has been made to address our specific concern regarding the metal cladding and roof as set out in our comment on the original application.
The materials are non-local and inappropriate, do not reflect dwellings in the immediate area and introduce a jarring element into the village streetscape.

Update on Planning application 204493 – email from Ward Councillor

11.2 Planning application No: 212500 Mortimer Cottage – 2 bay oak frame garage.

12. Brief update on ‘Making space for Nature in our parish’

Date of next meeting will be Wednesday 10th November 2021 – 7.30p.m.

Signed: Lesley Hay – Parish Clerk Date: 25th August 2021