Council Business

Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 10th September 2020
at 7.30pm.

Due to present Government restrictions this meeting will be
a ‘virtual ‘meeting held via Zoom. Complete this form to request an invite.


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations.

3. To approve and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 18th June 2020

4. Chairman’s report

5. Ward Councillor’s report

6. Finance: Accounts sheet/schedule of payment sheet circulated.

(6.1) Confirm submission of end of year account 2019-20 and acknowledgement of receipt.
(6.2) Display Notice of Public Rights – 1st September – circulated.
(6.3) Finance: Accounts sheet/schedule of payment sheet circulated.
(6.4) To agree payment of outstanding invoices.

7 Highways and Environmental Matters:
(7.1) Update on lengthsman Funding Grant
(7.2.) Footpath Officers’ Reports

8. Planning matters:
(8.1) Update Planning Consultation: 201512 – Land at White Roses

9. Brief update on ‘Making space for Nature in our parish’

10. To confirm Web site suitability after Sept.

11. Date of next meeting will be agreed.

Signed: Lesley Hay – Parish Clerk Date: 1st September 2020