Council Business

Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 10th January 2019
New Bridge Community Centre, Bridge Sollars
To commence at 7.30pm.


1. To receive apologies for absence

2. To receive declarations of interest or written requests for dispensations

3. To receive a report from the local Police Officer.

4. Ward Councillor Steve Williams report

5. Chairman’s report to include:

(5.1) Update on NBCC lease.
(5.2) Walk about with Locality Steward 3rd December 2018
(5.3) Update – Definitive Map modification order – Byway BN8 Bishopstone and ML1 Mansell Lacy.

(5.4) Open Session for local residents present at meeting and
for matters raised between meetings.

A short presentation by Mr M Farmar regarding proposed additional planning at Greylands.

(5.5) Close Open session

6. To approve and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8th November 2018.

7. Highways report and Environmental Matters
(7.1) Mansell Gamage – Parking on narrow walkway. (CD)
(7.2) Mansell Gamage – Broken culvert causing excess surface water. (CD)
(7.3) Discuss lengthsman and P3 worksheet for January/February
(7.4) Footpaths update
(7.5) Update by Tree warden

8. Finance: up-to-date accounts sheet/schedule of payment sheet circulated.

(8.1) Agree payment of outstanding invoices
(8.2) Confirm application for Precept/Budget for 2019-20

9. Planning matters
(9.1) To receive Neighbourhood Development Plan update
(9.2) Planning consultation – 184498 – Lower House Byford
(9.3) Planning consultation – 184174 – Fishing Hunt, Knapp Farm

10. Correspondence: Information Corner – circulated

(10.1) Invitation from Councillor Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council to attend the Parish Council Summit on 24 January 2019

11. Discuss date of next meeting – 14th March 2019

Signed: Lesley Hay – Parish Clerk

3rd January 2019