Comments please as NDP enters Regulation 16 review

You may well have already provided your input to the Bishopstone Group Neighbourhood Development Plan but as the plan enters its final phase with a 6 week Regulation 16 consultation period, we urge you to respond. No matter whether you want to make detailed comments about a particular policy or simply register your general agreement with the NDP, your comments are important.

Read the NDP Regulation 16 documentation and find out how to respond. Following this consultation the Plan can be approved to proceed to examination and referendum.


3 thoughts on “Comments please as NDP enters Regulation 16 review”

  1. I received my copy and was impressed with the content and layout. The only thing to let it down is the reproduction/printing of the photographs. They all appear to be too dark – almost murky. Hopefully the printers can get this right as the photos themselves are excellent.

  2. I did send an email via the link to Herefordshire neighbourhood planning on the 7th June. No confirmation or acknowledge of receipt. Is this usual policy not to reply and just log?

    • Charlie, we are grateful for you taking the time to comment – the Regulation 16 comments were all handled by Herefordshire Council who don’t acknowledge them and we didn’t see any of them until Herefordshire Council sent us their report on the Reg 16 process. Yourr comment is included there, so you can be assured that it was recorded properly.
      Sue Hubbard

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