Neighbourhood Development Plan

16th July 2018 update: Thank you to all of you who sent in your encouraging and constructive comments to
Herefordshire Council during the Regulation 16 Consultation. We have just heard that the Council has approved our Plan (with your comments) to move onto the next stage (Regulation 17) which is examination by an independent inspector. We understand that the examination is proposed to take place some time in September after which the inspector will report back to Herefordshire council and, if all goes well, we should be able to proceed to a referendum. We will continue to keep you informed of progress – keep your fingers crossed that we are beginning to see light at the end of this seemingly never-ending process!

In 2016 the Parish Council completed its Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and submitted it for Regulation 14 consultation by residents of our five parishes, Herefordshire Council and other stakeholders. We received a large number of comments which we have used in preparing a revised NDP which we are now submitting for Regulation 16 Consultation. Following this consultation the Plan can be approved to proceed to examination and referendum.

The process is as follows:

  • NDP submitted for Regulation 16 Consultation
  • 6 weeks consultation period to receive comments
  • NDP and comments submitted to Independent Examiner
  • Independent Examiner reviews NDP and writes report (this may include amendments)
  • NDP goes to referendum by residents of the five parishes
  • If referendum is in favour, NDP is adopted by Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire Council is in charge of this consultation which runs from May 24th to July 5th. This is now closed.

You can access the NDP and other supporting documents by using the links below or through the Herefordshire Council website


Supporting documents: